Waterlogged Cobia

The 2022 season will forever be remembered as a waterlogged affair. Floods and brown water [...]

Wild Tassie

On many occasions whilst sitting around the camp fire with other keen LBG anglers, the [...]

Niue Island Yellowfin

With the dream of catching a Yellowfin Tuna and opportunities in Australia fading away more [...]

2015 Snapper Trips

Since writing the Marlin blog I have been busy making fishing gear and promoting Busted [...]

My Marlin off the rocks

There were some changes in 2014 with access to the Beecroft Weapons Range, with first [...]

2014 Snapper Camp

The 2014 Snapper season turned out to be a cracker with 23 Snapper over 40cm. [...]

Marlin Madness 2014

2014 will be remembered by many as the best LBG Marlin season in history. For [...]

2013 Snapper Season

For any Melbourne land-based Snapper fisho, spring spells excitement as the red army moves into [...]

Obi’s 30.2kg landbased Kingfish

I made the road trip last October to catch up with Pete and Damo in [...]

Victorian Southern Bluefin

With ever decreasing acessible locations and fish to target from the shore, sometimes it pays [...]