Busted Old School 85’s are back in stock


Busted Old School 85 – The Proven Fish Slayer.


For a number of years, various companies have made a lure that has literally caught millions of fish worldwide. Over the years the material used and the size has changed and a select few anglers in the know have asked us to make the Busted Old School, which is CNC Machined from 1/4″ x 7/8″ brass bar and chrome plated. The length is 119mm. This particular shape is very flat and produces the flutter on the drop and the action on the retrieve that these anglers desire.

Most of the guys prefer their own hardware and rip the rings and hooks off other brands of metals and put their preferred rings and hooks on, so we don’t bother with hardware and leave that up to you.

The first batch sold out fast and the second batch is now available for sale HERE

Proudly Made In Australia