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Our Mission

Buying the best fishing gear means more than just a brand name, it means matching your skills with the tools you need to get the job done. At Busted Fishing, we stick to what we do best, which is providing high-end gear for serious anglers. Whether you need fishing tackles, nets, lures, spools or more, Busted Fishing has a solution that is catered to the needs of the experienced angler.

Busted Fishing has spent close to a decade developing and manufacturing our own line of products, geared towards the niche angling enthusiasts out there that just weren’t satisfied with the options available on the fishing supplies market. This includes the Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler which has become one of our most beloved pieces of gear, selling over 5000 units since 2014 and is also available for distribution to top stores worldwide, together with our Line Winder and other reel spooling gear.

Thanks to that success, we’ve also had the chance to partner with some of the world’s most trusted fishing gear brands, including Avet Reels, Tasline, Momoi, On Top Lures, Beiter, Gemini, and much more. However, while our business may be growing all the time, our core goal hasn’t changed: Providing the highest quality fishing gear that will stand the test of time. So, if you’re in the market for specialist terminal tackle, lures, nets & more, explore the Busted Fishing range at our secure online shop today.

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Real Reviews from Real Fisho’s

“We prob see more big GT lost due to line dig in (not spooled tight enough) than anything else, packed line tension is imperative for fighting fish with heavy drags but was hard to achieve without a team effort .. till now”

Ed Nicholas / No Boundary Oman Charters