Line Winder BF-216

Wind forward to 2020 and we introduced the Line Winders that make it possible to spool all reels with up to 15kg of drag effortlessly. Even most store line winders struggle to spool tight enough to eliminate the possibility of line digging in.

Promo video of the BF-215 and BF-216 line winders

These units are built to last a lifetime and at the heart of it is a gearbox which generates enough torque for a 18v cordless drill to be used.

Line Winder Gallery

The BF-216 represents excellent value with all stainless steel, aluminium and brass components precision CNC machined by Busted Fishing, to suit both overhead and spin reels. We even produce the gears in house

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Level Head with counter

To complement the Line Winder and Reel Spooler, we offer the Level Head with counter that allows spooling under tension with no friction.

Designed by Peter Pakula, the level Head has 3 rollers to prevent any line damage during spooling and gives perfect control effortlessly. The counter lets you know how much line is on your reel and how much is left on the spool.

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Ripper Stripper / Line Reverser

To complete the spooling process we also manufacture the Ripper Stripper line remover and reverser. It can be used to strip old line off the reel and bin it or reverse the line so your tired braid will be on the bottom of the reel spool and the new braid on top.

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Dave Marciano & Peter Pakula

Dave Marciano from Wicked Tuna and Peter Pakula from Pakula Tackle giving the new Line Winder the thumbs up:

Chris Patry

Also the guys in the USA who bought some of our first BF-216 Line Winders loved them. Like Chris Patry from Northeast Fishing who did this review:

Ed Nicholas

One of our first high profile customers was Ed Nicholas from No Boundary Oman Charters. The guys run one of the best charters in the world for Giant Trevally, like this awesome fish caught by Ed.

“We prob see more big GT lost due to line dig in (not spooled tight enough) than anything else, packed line tension is imperative for fighting fish with heavy drags but was hard to achieve without a team effort .. till now”

Peter Pakula

“I’ve spooled, and others have wound around 20 game reels with the spooler from 8kg outfits spooled with “Bee’s Knees” drag set at 5kg, 15kg outfits with spooler drag set at 10kg and 24kg outfits with the spooler drag set at 14kg. Line should always be wound on at more drag than you ever expect to use.

Yes you can effectively and efficiently set the drag on the spooler so you know exactly what pressure is on the line when getting it onto the reel. I don’t know any other system that does that, let alone as smoothly as this one does. It’s got a great drag system.

I have always carried spare spools of line when I’m fishing and now I also carry the “Bee’s Knees” with me to. It’s a great tool that aids in knowing exactly what your gear can do and getting guys who are going to be anglers to wind against the pressure is great for them getting to know how much pressure you can put through the rod and reel and just how long they’ll last in a long drawn out heavy drag fight with the fish of a lifetime. This exercise also builds up muscles and stamina very quickly and really should be part of a crew’s preparation for a season or trip up the coast.

My score for the “Bee’s Knees” Reel Spooler from Busted Fishing is 9.5 out of 10 — lost points because it’s not available in black and gold to match my reels! Other than that it’s great.”

Peter Pakula
Pakula Tackle Australia

Line Winder Installation

Installing the BF-216 Line Winder is super easy. Check out this video how to do it

You may also download the instruction manuals for our Line Winders here:

BF-216 Line Winder Manual

BF-215 Line Winder Manual