RedTank ReLoad Raid 120S

Hand made lures of this calibre are very time consuming to produce and usually command [...]

Busted Old School 85’s are back in stock

  Busted Old School 85 – The Proven Fish Slayer.   For a number of [...]

On Top Lures – A Success Story

New Zealand produces some excellent high-end fishing gear, such as Maven rods, Tasline braid and [...]

New Slide Baiting Sinkers

It’s difficult to find a dedicated slide baiting sinker that provides ultimate anchorage, which is [...]

New Line Winder

Here is the first video of our new Line Winder BF-216, which we worked very [...]

YouFish TV Review

Super stoked with all the reviews that have been coming in, including this one just [...]

Abrasion Resistant Braid

The old wife’s tale that braid will ping as soon as it touches something under [...]

Line Counter

The new “Sir Countalot” is alive There is not much I enjoy as much as [...]

Avet HXW Raptor Vs. EXW30

Customers sometimes ask us to explain the difference between the old school 30 size game [...]