Which fishing reel spooler is right for you?

Reel Spoolers

Fishing reel spoolers and Line Winders range from about $20.- for a cheap eBay suction cup holder, all the way to the top of the range Omega store line winder for about $6000.- US. Here are a few examples of some popular options on the market.

eBay spinning reel spooler (about $20.-)

eBay suction cup spooler (about $20.-)

The very popular Triangle HD140 Line Winder (approx $2700.- US)

Top of the range Omega Line Winder with hydraulic line tensioning (approx. $6000.- USD)

Alternatively to using a reel spooler or line winder, most casual anglers just use a screwdriver and get a second person to help or they put the line in a bucket and spool their reels. Other anglers get a store to do the spooling for them.

The typical Busted Fishing customer however, fishes with high end gear such as Tiagra overhead reels or Stella and Saltiga spin reels. These guys recognise that spooling properly is important for their type of fishing and are looking to spool their reels tight, to prevent the possibility of loose line digging in on itself. These switched on anglers also may not trust a store to do the job perfectly.

A good quality store line winder is very expensive and even then, some of them do not have an adequate drag system to spool tight. Some store owners resort to using leather gloves to spool tight and some store owners even retro fitted their expensive line winder with a Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler with carbontex drag brake.

The Busted Fishing Reel Spooling products offer a solution for professional and tight spooling between $159.- for a carbontex equipped spooler up to $895.- for a complete system. All our products are machined in Melbourne from solid billet aluminium and stainless steel and are top quality products made to last a lifetime.

So let’s see what our options are:

In addition, we also sell our products separately, so you can start for example with a Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler and spool tight by hand and then later add the BF-215 or BF-216 Line Winder.

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