King Island Kings

I just had a fantastic message from Tris Mclean from King Island, who was stoked with some of the gear he bought from us but i thought some of you guys might find it interesting as well as it’s not that often you see Kingfish off the beach. So with Tris’s approval I share a […]

Beiter Winder Profi

If you are serious about having the best braid to mono connection, you should check out the Beiter Winder Profi tool, Tasline hollow or Jerry Brown hollow and Black Pete splicing needles, all available now at Busted Fishing. And as always, you can buy the hollow “by the meter” with free shipping, saving you a […]

Kingfish Icon

Jon Bare is an icon among land based angler with this amazing Kingfish off the rocks and in his own words, this is how that one went down: “50lb test, run me round like a dog on a chain over some hectic terrain for nearly an hour. Been smashed by couple of other fish that […]

Slide Baiting

Slide Baiting is fast gaining popularity as more quality fish like the above Kingfish are caught on slides. The benefits are obvious, a bigger bait can be deployed much further into deeper water if necessary. At Busted Fishing we recognize anglers equipment, terrain, target fish and line class will differ so we provide a range […]