New Line Winder

Here is the first video of our new Line Winder BF-216, which we worked very hard on for the past 8 months to bring you a top quality product at a great price.

This line winder makes spooling your reels effortless and you can spool up tight without your arm dropping off

Line Winder
For Overhead Reels
For Spin Reels
Quality Gearbox for more torque
Easy Assembly - Only 2 screws
Optional Roller Line Leveller

We also made a Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler in black to match and a “Level Head” line leveller, which was designed by Peter Pakula to spool with no friction. Combined, this is a fantastic setup for serious anglers who  like to spool their reels up tight.

Mounting options

The Line winder is easy to install with the 4 screws provided and if you don’t need a line counter, it’s as simple as leaving a meter of space between the line winder and your Bee’s Knees Spooler (line holder). More space is even better as the line angle between the line spool and your reel spool decreases, the further you space them apart.

However, if you like to incorporate the line counter, things get a little tricky. A great way to install the Bee’s Knees and counter is vertically on a wall. This is how i did mine and i love it. I don’t have much room on my counter in the shop though so i made a board and a sliding counter base, which you won’t need to do if you leave at least a meter between the counter and the line winder. Here’s a couple of pics of my setup at the shop

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