In recent months we noticed an ever increasing request from young anglers and sometimes even their parents for sponsorships. As much as we like to help where we can, there must be a limit and also there must be a value to a business of some sort.
Just because the youngsters start a Facebook page and manage 1000 likes on it, doesn’t mean that’s a value to a business.

In the past 3 years we have been sponsoring a few anglers and running promos and in the 2017/18 financial year we spent over 10k which is huge for a very small operator like ourselves. After all, we still only do this part time.
And over those 3 years we have approached anglers who we thought could first of all promote our products well but also give us much needed feedback. We have been very selective with this as you can imagine.

Fishing Sponsorships

Ed Nicholas from No Boundaries Oman has been running Tasline braid for about 2 years and his main concern with a lot of braids was fraying, especially on the casting finger. His feedback was great. Ed was also one of the first anglers to really get our Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler out there as he sees first hand what can happen when reels are not spooled up tight enough. Ed is a fair dinkum guy and doesn’t push products for the sake of doing so.


Adam Charles Epifanes or “Epi” as we all know him has been instrumental to making some changes to our Ultimate LBG gaff which you can see in the background. We are also working together on some new projects.

Adam Epi Epifanes Fishing 4 Life

Aron and Chris Dixon have been with us now for about 3 years and are running a lot of our gear and they run it hard. The Dixon brothers have 3 different gaffs and are currently testing the new Ultimate. The guys also consistently point out how abrasion resistant Tasline can be.

Dixon Brothers Fishing

As of a few months ago we also been working together with young Flynn Cypher from Christmas Island who fishes almost daily after school. His feedback was fantastic already

Saltwater Prodigy

So please don’t be disappointed if you are looking for sponsorship and get turned down. It’s not always as easy for a business as to throw a few free products in the hope you become a fishing rockstar. And first and foremost we will look after our guys that have already helped us of course.
In the meantime, shoot us an email and we will keep it on file, you never know what happens, however at the time of writing our 2017/18 budget is filled.
And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself, it’s not all about a gopro on your head and a facebook post. Connect more with nature and less with a USB port.