New Slide Baiting Sinkers

Slide Baiting Sinkers

It’s difficult to find a dedicated slide baiting sinker that provides ultimate anchorage, which is required for successful slide baiting. These grip sinkers have extra heavy duty 2.2mm stainless steel wires and they come in 6oz, 7oz and 9oz with extended boom. All sinkers have a built-in clip down tail.

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We also offer a range of slides, from the budget two-pack Max Tackle to our personal favourite the Kingfisher slides to the massive Tackle International beasts. Both the Kingfisher and Tackle International slides have been tried and tested by the Dixon Brothers and come highly recommended for the biggest fish out there.

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If you aren’t familiar with slide baiting, there’s a comprehensive article written by Reefman from South Africa which is well worth a read

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