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  1. Reel Spooling Instructions

    Reel Spooling Instructions

    We often get asked how to spool a spin reel, so we made a downloadable file, which you can save to your desktop or open to view. Please click below. Hope it helps

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  2. Biggest Tuna Ever Caught

    Biggest Tuna Ever Caught

    The largest Tuna ever to be landed off the rocks, weighing in at 116.4 kg. The angler is Australian legend Adam Epifanis.


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  3. YouFish TV Review

    YouFish TV Review

    Super stoked with all the reviews that have been coming in, including this one just now from YouFish TV, thanks to Brendan Wing and Dave Standing. Check it out:

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  4. Abrasion Resistant Braid

    Abrasion Resistant Braid

    The old wife's tale that braid will ping as soon as it touches something under load is simply not true !!

    Many anglers still believe that as soon as braided line will touch the rocks or reef when fishing heavy drag, it's all over. But that's certainly not the case with all braids. I haven't compared all braids against each other but i can say with confidence that Tasline Elite is a standout when it comes to abrasion resistance. I get quite a few emails and messages from surprised anglers, who can't believe their line didn't pop after what they had put it through.

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  5. Line Counter

    Line Counter

    The new "Sir Countalot" is alive

    There is not much i enjoy as much as designing a new product and this one was particularly cool as there appeared to be a real need for a heavy duty line counter that will not break under heavy drag reel spooling.

    Some guys like to know how much line goes on their reels and how much is left on the spools for next time. And some of our customers even mark their lines say every 100m for deep dropping etc.

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  6. Avet HXW Raptor Vs. EXW30

    Avet HXW Raptor Vs. EXW30

    Customers sometimes ask us to explain the difference between the old school 30 size game reel Avet EXW30 and the new breed HXW Raptor.

    Now, when i say "old school EXW30" that's not really the case either because Avet has whacked a twin drag system into this 30 size reel, making it a 30 with the capabilities of a 50 size. Except for the line capacity, so braid backing is a must. I have spooled mine with 750m of Tasline 80lb hollow and topshotted with 180m of 24kg mono, giving me a total of 930m, making this a very capable 24kg reel in every sense and a pleasure to fish at only 1389 grams.

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  7. King Island Kings

    King Island Kings

    I just had a fantastic message from Tris Mclean from King Island, who was stoked with some of the gear he bought from us but i thought some of you guys might find it interesting as well as it's not that often you see Kingfish off the beach. So with Tris's approval i share a couple of pics and his message which wrote:

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  8. Beiter Winder Profi

    Beiter Winder Profi

    If you are serious about having the best braid to mono connection, you should check out the Beiter Winder Profi tool, Tasline hollow or Jerry Brown hollow and Black Pete splicing needles, all available now at Busted Fishing. And as always, you can buy the hollow "by the meter" with free shipping, saving you a lot of money.


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  9. Kingfish Icon

    Kingfish Icon

    Jon Bare is an icon among land based angler with this amazing Kingfish off the rocks and in his own words, this is how that one went down:

    "50lb test, run me round like a dog on a chain over some hectic terrain for nearly an hour. Been smashed by couple of other fish that have stripped off several hundred yards of line at about 12kg of drag with no answer, didn't even get a wind in. Now I fish 80lb test".

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  10. Slide Baiting

    Slide Baiting

    Luke Lea with a nice Kingfish on the slide from Slider

    Slide Baiting is fast gaining popularity as more quality fish like the above Kingfish are caught on slides. The benefits are obvious, a bigger bait can be deployed much further into deeper water if necessary.

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