Look How Easy it is to Install Your Own Fishing Line Winding Station!

Frank from Busted Fishing here. Today I want to show you how to set up your own professional spooling station in your own home using a BF216 line winder! To give you an idea of just how easy it is to get started spooling your fishing reels like a pro, I made this (less than) 3 and a half minute video to show you how.

That’s right, it takes less than 3.5 minutes from opening the box to having your professional line winding station operational!

Watch the video below to see how simple the process is. If you found it useful, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel. You will find more useful line winding tutorials there too.

Needed Tools and Materials

Everything you need is in the box, except for a Philips head screwdriver and a surface to fasten the line winder to.

We recommend a 5mm hole pre-hole to make it easier for the screws to go in The other thing you need is something to mount it to. We have a chip-board here that’s 600mm wide and 1.2 metres long. You’ll need at least 500mm by 1m.

BF216 Line Winder Assembly

Then you can start putting the station together. Use the bottom part and slide it together with the upright.

With the holes on the side, slide the side part together as demonstrated. Take the Allen key and do up the two screws.

That’s as easy as it is to put the unit together. Make sure it slides backwards and forwards freely, and then go to the end of your board.

Mount to Your Chosen Surface

Have a marker and then mark where your holes are going to go. Then you can pre-drill your holes and screw the unit to your board.

Once you finish mounting your BF216 Line Winder, the other thing you recommend you use is a Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler. If you haven’t already got one, we’ll show you how to set that up on the other end.

Line-Up and Mount Your Reel Spooler

The next thing we do is install our Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler. We put a spool of line on there and we just take the line and line it up with the centre of the spool. Then simply screw the reel spooler tightly to the board.

You Can Now Spool Your Fishing Reels Like a Pro!

And that’s how easy it is to have your own personal, professional line winding station at home, which is fully portable. You can take your board and put away neatly, or have it permanently on a bench.

To help you out, we also provide a very comprehensive instruction manual in the box.

That’s all you have to do. Now you’re ready to spool your first reel!

For more information on all our reel spooling gear, please visit our great Reel Spooling Info page and make 2021 the year of perfectly spooled fishing reels.