Slide Baiting

Slide Baiting is fast gaining popularity as more quality fish like the above Kingfish are caught on slides. The benefits are obvious, a bigger bait can be deployed much further into deeper water if necessary.

At Busted Fishing, we recognize anglers equipment, terrain, target fish and line class will differ so we provide a range of slides for you to choose from.

Kingfish on the slide from Slider

Luke Lea with a nice Kingfish on the slide from Slider

The weighted and unweighted slides from Max Tackle are our best value slides and are much smaller at approx 8cm in length, however they can be fished up to 50lb line class, making them very versatile. They lend themselves for sliding with slightly smaller baits for species like Mulloway, Snapper, Kingfish and smaller Sharks.

Our larger slides are from Tackle International and from Sliders and are very similar in size and construction. It’s personal preference here which brand you prefer but they lend themselves to sliding larger baits also, due to larger profile providing more “kink” for the non return action and also the weight of the sinker is much heavier on the weighted version.

Slides from the Tackle International brand

Slides from the Sliders brand

Ok, so now you have seen our slides, you may wonder how the hell do i make them work. Slide baiting has been very successful in South Africa for many years and there are some great articles written, like this one by Reefman. Please don’t feel overwhelmed reading it, you can take as much or as little out of it as you like and learn more as you have a go yourself:​


Another good way to check out what sliding is all about if you haven’t seen it before is this clip

As you might have seen by now, an important part of slide baiting is the grip sinker. The sinkers we sell at Busted Fishing are made in New Zealand, specifically for this task and the wires provide the most secure grip of any sinkers we have seen. Also, the boom is of the long type to stop the sinker from toppling over easily before it even has a chance to take hold. And they are great value too.

So if you would like to give this exciting way of fishing a go, check out our website to find our slides, grip sinkers and Anyfish Anywhere rods. And don’t be surprised if the next fish you land is bigger than your brag mat 🙂