Kingfish Icon

Jon Bare is an icon among land-based angler with this amazing Kingfish off the rocks and in his own words, this is how that one went down:

“50lb test, run me round like a dog on a chain over some hectic terrain for nearly an hour. Been smashed by a couple of other fish that have stripped off several hundred yards of line at about 12kg of drag with no answer, didn’t even get wind in. Now I fish 80lb test”.

For about 12 months now he has been using Tasline Elite as his braid of choice for his lighter work and we are stoked to have Jon use this line. This week he sent us in a pic with a nice Kingfish he caught on a spin with 20lb Tasline Elite.

Jon is still pursuing that monster Kingfish on 80lb mono and we hope one day he will blow us away with a King even bigger than the mega beast he already caught. All the best on the pursuit from the Busted Fishing team.