Off the cliffs out west

Joel Downard and the boys from the West Coast of Australia had a great few days fishing landbased off the cliffs. Joel sent me a pic of a 16kg Spanish he caught on a Busted 80 lure and the Tasline Elite he bought from us. Then he also put his new Busted gaff to good use on a freak capture of his mate Steve Ruggerio who managed to hook a Marlin on a Nils Master Invincible lure, his Stradic 5000 with 20lb line and a 8-10kg rod. The fish was landed and estimated at around 30kg.

A few days before Sokhom Chhouk sent me these great shots of the guys landing some fish with the Busted Fishing Ultimate gaff at the full 21ft length. Most gaffs struggle at that length but the wobble-free joiners on the Ultimate make a difference when it counts

Cliffs of the west coast