New Gemini Splash Down Solo Bait Clip

Gemini Splash Down Solo Bait Clip

There is some great news from Gemini, the new improved Splash Down Clip now hold bigger hooks to a 6/0

The Splash Down sinkers have been popular since 2009 and now the Splash Down clip is available as an add on the clip as well to your own favourite sinkers. This is particularly useful when you want to use sinkers with a long boom.
This is a completely new system that allows anglers to not only clip, but lock their baited hook directly behind the sinker until impact with the water.
The Splash Down is excellent for off the ground casting. it locks the baited hook directly behind the sinker, vastly improving bait presentation and eradicating those frustrating moments when your hook bait becomes unclipped mid-cast

And as we aim to cater for land-based anglers, we have just started a dedicated section for Gemini and Breakaway tackle from the UK. Check it out at our shop.

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