2 Million Meters Of Fishing Line

Ever wondered how long a carbontex drag washer will last?
Michael Triantopoulos from Geralton Sports Center was one of the first people to buy a Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler and he converted the leg to make it fit the tackle shop’s line winding machine and off they went.
Almost 4 years later, they literally spooled well over 1000 reels and over 2 million meters of line with the same spooler. And it’s still going strong.

So what makes the Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler so successful?

Line Winder Drag Washer

At the heart is a single, oversized carbontex drag washer of the highest quality, impregnated with Cal’s drag grease. This runs on a stainless steel drag disc with a mirror finish.

So how long will this Reel Spooler last? We simply don’t know yet as all of our units are still going strong and maybe the one at Geralton Sports Center will do another 2 million meters of line.

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