Darwin Milkfish

After a few months and last time we met down on the south coast, i caught up with my mate Muzza in Darwin and we were keen to hook a Milkfish. These fish don’t take lures or bait and we armed ourselves with 10 loafs of bread and climbed down to a spot we thought looked promising.

While i was busy trying to burley up a Milkfish, Muzza had a spin with a popper and before we knew it he managed to pull up a nice GT onto the shore. He was stoked as it was his first and i was equally happy for him.

We took it in turns spinning and burlying and after about loaf number 8 and a few hours later, Muzza saw a Milkfish and cast a lump of bread in front of the fish. He hooked up but after the Milkie pushed his head out of the water, the hook pulled. Then, shortly after i saw a Milkfish and cast a lump of bread in front of it which he sucked down and to my delight the hook stuck solid. For a few seconds the Milkie didn’t know what to do and eventually decided to get out of here. He put on a great run which seemed to get faster and faster before eventually he made his way back in and we washed him up on a rock.

After the high five’s and a couple of pics i put it back in the water but as i dropped it twice he wouldn’t swim off and even after getting into potentially croc inhabited water with him, trying to revive him, he died on me.

Muzza also took some video: