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Frank Fernkorn

  1. Line Winder Install

    Perhaps this Christmas break gives you the chance to install your own line winder

    and with this video we hope to show you how easy it is



    For more information on all our reel spooling gear, please visit our great Reel Spoling Info page and make 2021 the year of perfectly spooled reels






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  2. How much line can I fit on my reel

    Spooling line on the reel

    How much line will fit on my reel?

    This is a question we get asked almost daily, as we sell Tasline braid by the meter. There is no simple answer as there are a few variables and so we try and give you as much information as possible to make the best decision to suit you.

    For example, spooling pressure. At a recent test we spooled the same reel with the same line at 1kg of drag pressure vs 5kg of drag pressure. The result was surprising:


    The first test we ran with a start drag of 0.97kg, which is surprisingly hard to pull off the spool. Most people would expect 1kg of drag to be very loose, but that’s not the case and we suspect is about as much as most tackle stores would use to spool a reel.


    At the conclusion of spooling the reel exactly to the line underneath the spool lip, we measured the drag again and it d

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  3. LBGAME Truck

    LBGAME Truck

    LBGAME ........... the resurrection

    In 2012 we had the time of our life when we sold our house, quit our jobs and took the old LBGAME Patrol on a trip around Australia

    When we returned to Melbourne after exactly 12 months, we both went back to our old jobs, sold the van and started Busted Fishing. Since then it was all work work work and not much play. Since our trip, the dream was to do it again but permanently and we recently made the decision to give it another go. This time we decided to get a 4x4 truck build so we can do some work while we are on the road and also fish out of it in style. 
    So we ordered an Isuzu NPS 75/155 from Australian

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  4. On Top Lures - A Success Story

    on top lures fishing lures

    This is some test text for testing

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  5. Reel Spooling Instructions

    Reel Spooling Instructions

    We often get asked how to spool a spin reel, so we made a downloadable file, which you can save to your desktop or open to view. Please click below. Hope it helps

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  6. Biggest Tuna Ever Caught

    Biggest Tuna ever caught

    The largest Tuna ever to be landed off the rocks, weighing in at 116.4 kg. The angler is Australian legend Adam Epifanis.


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  7. YouFish TV Review

    YouFish TV Review

    Super stoked with all the reviews that have been coming in, including this one just now from YouFish TV, thanks to Brendan Wing and Dave Standing. Check it out:

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  8. Abrasion Resistant Braid

    Abrasion Resistant Braid

    The old wife's tale that braid will ping as soon as it touches something under load is simply not true !!

    Many anglers still believe that as soon as braided line will touch the rocks or reef when fishing heavy drag, it's all over. But that's certainly not the case with all braids. I haven't compared all braids against each other but i can say with confidence that Tasline Elite is a standout when it comes to abrasion resistance. I get quite a few emails and messages from surprised anglers, who can't believe their line didn't pop after what they had put it through.

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  9. Line Counter

    Line Counter

    The new "Sir Countalot" is alive

    There is not much i enjoy as much as designing a new product and this one was particularly cool as there appeared to be a real need for a heavy duty line counter that will not break under heavy drag reel spooling.

    Some guys like to know how much line goes on their reels and how much is left on the spools for next time. And some of our customers even mark their lines say every 100m for deep dropping etc.

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  10. Avet HXW Raptor Vs. EXW30

    Avet HXW Raptor Vs. EXW30

    Customers sometimes ask us to explain the difference between the old school 30 size game reel Avet EXW30 and the new breed HXW Raptor.

    Now, when i say "old school EXW30" that's not really the case either because Avet has whacked a twin drag system into this 30 size reel, making it a 30 with the capabilities of a 50 size. Except for the line capacity, so braid backing is a must. I have spooled mine with 750m of Tasline 80lb hollow and topshotted with 180m of 24kg mono, giving me a total of 930m, making this a very capable 24kg reel in every sense and a pleasure to fish at only 1389 grams.

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