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Breakaway Impact Shield (4 pack)

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Quick Overview
The Impact Shield is a cleverly designed bait clip which holds a baited hook securely in position on the rig during the cast. When the Impact Shield hits the sea its inbuilt trigger releases the baited hook. Compared with the Imp Clips, the Impact Shield will accommodate bigger hooks above 6/0's

Benefits of the Impact Shield are:
  • it holds the bait in an aerodynamically efficient position during the flight of the cast thereby increasing the casting distance
  • by minimizing the effect of aerodynamic forces on the bait the Impact Shield reduces the chances of soft baits falling off the hook during the cast
  • the shape of the Impact Shield protects the bait from the force of impact when the rig hits the sea which reduces the chance of the bait coming off the hook
  • no "swinging trace" during the flight of the cast means fewer rig tangles!

    Made from high density plastic each packet of Impact Shields includes instructions and a length of silicone tubing (used to position the Impact Shield).

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