The old wife's tale that braid will ping as soon as it touches something under load is simply not true !!

Many anglers still believe that as soon as braided line will touch the rocks or reef when fishing heavy drag, it's all over. But that's certainly not the case with all braids. I haven't compared all braids against each other but i can say with confidence that Tasline Elite is a standout when it comes to abrasion resistance. I get quite a few emails and messages from surprised anglers, who can't believe their line didn't pop after what they had put it through.
A recent case in point is this Blue Grouper from Chris Dixon. Anyone who has hooked one of these things of this size rates them as a tougher opponent when it comes to short run power that even big Kingfish. Chris took some photos of the Tasline Elite he was using after the battle and here is the story in his own words and