Customers sometimes ask us to explain the difference between the old school 30 size game reel Avet EXW30 and the new breed HXW Raptor. 
Now, when i say "old school EXW30" that's not really the case either because Avet has whacked a twin drag system into this 30 size reel, making it a 30 with the capabilities of a 50 size. Except for the line capacity, so braid backing is a must. I have spooled mine with 750m of Tasline 80lb hollow and topshotted with 180m of 24kg mono, giving me a total of 930m, making this a very capable 24kg reel in every sense and a pleasure to fish at only 1389 grams.

But there's another Avet that is a very unique animal, the twin drag HXW Raptor, featuring even more drag of up to 50lb and a very light 907 grams. 
So here is how they stack up next to each other: 

So whilst th