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A well known lure which has claimed plenty of pelagic predators from the Australian coastline is the Lively lures Mack Bait. Lively Lures is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and this lure manufacturer has been producing quality lures to suit Australian waters for nearly three decades.
The Mack Baits are classified as a bibless minnow and were designed by Alan Dolan in the early nineties and they have been a perennial favourite amongst Aussie rock hoppers ever since. As a young keen rock fisherman who spent plenty of time fishing locations such as the Gold Coast Seaway in the 1980’s Alan wanted to create a multipurpose pelagic lure for targeting species such as Mackerel, Tuna and Trevally.

After a year of lure sculpting and field testing Alan finally came up with a design which not only mimics the local baitfish population but also swims with a deadly action. When you observe the shape of a Mack Bait i