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150lb Copolymer Shock Leader - 50m

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150lb Momoi Shock Leader

Superior Copolymer Monofilament leader, designed to disperse some of the shock load put on braided lines by fishing heavy drags and having high impacts from hard hitting fish, while maintaining excellent hook sets.

Special model designed for PE Casting & Jigging with 5 features ― Flexibility, Tractability, Toughness, Transparency, and Sensitivity ― enhanced to the utmost level.

  • Top-level flexibility maximizes operability and casting distance.
  • Optimum design for FG and PR friction knots with braided lines, thus maintaining maximum knot strength
  • Inherits greatest advantage of MIJ nylon of high abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent transparency in water (extremely higher clearness than same size in Fluorocarbon / in-house comparison).
  • Designed for ideal elongation & high sensitivity, each line size absorbs and scatters instantaneous powerful impact from hard hitting fish. At the same time, it transmits the reaction to anglers hands.
  • Also recommended as a shock leader for surf / distance casting.
  • Material: Ultra Strong MIJ Nylon
    Processing: UV Block & High Abrasion Resistance Special Processing
    Color: Clear
    Length: 50mtr spool
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